Carl Borgen

Everything You Need to Know About the Lemminkäinen Hoard

Last year, the Temple Twelve’s ongoing search for the fabled Lemminkäinen Hoard made international headlines. As reported by the Daily Mail, the treasure could be worth £15billion, if, indeed, a price could ever be put to such priceless relics. But what, exactly, is the Lemminkäinen Hoard? To help make things clearer, I have selected a …

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Who is Ior Bock?

Ior Bock is the person who told the Bock Saga to the world. That is one of the very few uncontested statements about him. For the rest, he is an enigma. And because so many people had such strong opinions on him and the facts of his life, you can call him highly controversial. I …

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Cliff Barber

Ior Bock started to tell the Bock Saga in 1984 to the friends who happened to be on his porch in Goa, India that day. In the course of 1985, some others joined the porch sessions. One of them was Cliff Barber a yoga teacher and a mathematician who later gave form to the inner …

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