The Squatters Gang

The Squatters Gang is a mesmerising work of magical realism based within and inspired by the ancient lore of the Bock Saga, as shared with the world by Finnish mystic Ior Bock.

The Squatter's Gang, by author Carl Borgen
The new novel from the author of The End of Paradise

The Squatters Gang

Countless millennia have passed since the world’s first civilisation, the Aser, vanished beneath the ice-sheets of the Arctic. 

Yet three of their gods still remain, and distraught by mankind’s violation of nature they have a plan to save the world, and humanity, from itself. Their design to return Earth to the fabled Paradise Time, however, depends entirely upon a group of confused Generation X dropouts—Borgen, Lo, Arthur, Felah and Michelle—who dub themselves ‘The Squatters Gang’.

Thrust into a series of strange and perilous mystical adventures monitored closely by the gods, will these social misfits prove themselves to be the heroes we all need, or will the timeless, transformative wisdom of the Aser remain locked away forever?

The Squatter’s Gang is published!

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