The Temple Twelve at cave

From the Temple twelve to the Temple 12000

We have seen the sun rising over the horizon again and the snow in the excavation site is morphing to water drops in its rays. There is a strong smell of coffee in our headquarters to celebrate the end of hibernation season. Traditionally, the snowy season is used to plan the activities of the summer. That consists of making a ‘digging wish list’ and a dream list of how to acquire money and manpower.

This year our dreams seem to come true!

Since the Temple Twelve and their excavation at the Lemminkäinen Temple site received massive global media attention last November, interest in their tireless quest to uncover the fabled prehistoric treasure has grown exponentially.

The existence of an undiscovered hoard of this vast scale has, quite naturally, captured the public’s attention and generated unimaginable levels of support.

A small army of people from a variety of countries including the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Finland have been in touch asking if and how they can help with the dig and with the multitude of preliminary activities. Soon, the Temple Twelve may become the Temple Twelve 12,000!

If only a handful of those people turn up then the Twelve believe strongly that this season could be the big one and that the cave will finally give up her secrets, whatever they may be.

In addition, donations to help pay for the excavation have flowed in, with one individual even going so far as to aid the cause by donating dynamite!

As a reminder of what it is all about, this is how Ior Bock described the Lemminkäinen treasure.

The Bock family’s treasure chambers, also called the “underworld” or “wonderworld”, are said to be contained within a conically shaped underground cavity near Helsinki.

From the first people on the planet to the end of the Paradise time, countless generations created room after room, spiralling downwards following the shape of the cavity. In each of these rooms the collective art and treasures that each generation had produced were stored. Many of artefacts were made of pure gold and decorated with jewels.

At the time those treasures were created and brought from all over the world to the north, they did not represent monetary value. No, in Paradise the concepts of money and property were not invented yet. These gifts were made by the people on the planet in appreciation of the society and nature in which they lived.

In the year 987AD the entrance to the temple was closed and hidden for the outside world. This was to protect it from the Catholic crusaders from the South and the Orthodox Christians from the East that were closing in on the pagan stronghold near Helsinki called Hel. That this was not without reason showed itself in the year 1050AD when the Hel-vetian army of the Pope arrived and destroyed the land of the Aser and everyone in it. In the thousand years that followed, and the land of the roses slept as a fairy tale describes the events, Finland was the battle ground on which the forces of the European and Russian armies fought their wars. Only after the Second World War is Finland really independent. It was foreseen, or hoped, that in our times Finland would be in peace and the world perceptive to their own history.

The plan, or prophecy, as you could call a plan that worked out, was to open the Lemminkäinen Temple and the Bock family treasure chambers, with which it shares the entrance, a thousand years after it was closed. And thus, on the 24th of July in 1987AD Ior and 24 friends assembled to open the temple.

The bizarre events that happened in the decades after that ‘open sesame open’ moment is described in my book ‘Temporarily Insane’.

Now, being so close to the opening of the fabled Temple of Lemminkäinen, the excitement is growing among the Temple Twelve. Will we find in there the treasures that Ior Bock told us about? Will we really know how people lived in Paradise time? Was there really a global, world encompassing culture based on love, respect, and harmony with nature?

But, for today, more coffee and let’s keep our minds straight and concentrated on practicalities. When the new digging season begins in May, first we must pump out 1.5 million litres of water out of the cave.

Then we will make 3D maps of the whole area and determine in which direction we will have to dig next to find the entrance to the Lemminkäinen Temple. Then we bring in the dynamite experts and blast our way through the granite rocks.

Then with all the help of the army of the Templers we will carry all rocks and rubble out within a couple of months and open the golden doors that lead to the fabled wonderworld that Ior Bock told us about.

We’re entering the end game and, if we win, the treasures to be found there will be unimaginable.