The Bock Saga: An Introduction

The ancient story of humanity’s past as passed down through generations of the Bock family.

The Bock Saga: An Introduction from author Carl Borgen
The Astonishing Human Origin Story

The Bock Saga: An Introduction

The Bock Saga is nothing less than the story of mankind—an alternative creation myth closely guarded and passed down through the generations by the Bock family. Finally revealed to the world by Finnish mystic Ior Bock, the last of his line and the appointed keeper of this ancient oral tradition, the Saga is encyclopedic in detail and sheds new light on the heathen culture of Finland, its history, and, perhaps, the origins of humanity itself.

The Bock Saga: An Introduction provides a clear and compelling overview of the Saga, as set down by Ior Bock, spanning from the beginnings of prehistory, known as ‘Paradiset’, to the present day. Beginning with the first two humans and a mighty Arctic civilisation that arose millennia before recorded history began, and ending with the untimely, tragic death of Ior Bock, the Bock Saga is an epic narrative like no other.

The Bock Saga: An Introduction by Carl Borgen is out now, available on Amazon in Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook formats. 

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