After the great reception for my first novel, The End Of Paradise, which was inspired by the cataclysmic events narrated in the Bock Saga, I’m currently working on my second fiction title, The Squatters Gang.

The Squatters Gang is another story centred around the now famous Bock Saga but whereas my first novel was written in the Young Adult genre, this one is written as a work of magical realism.

Although it is the most autobiographic book I have ever written, I cross the boundaries of the real world into events that are definitely imaginary. I consider it as my magnum opus—the best work I ever made.

The novel won’t be coming out until late this year but here’s a sneak peek, just for you. I hope you like it.

“I don’t understand anything that’s going on here,” I said as one thing became painfully clear to me: I was woefully underdressed. I stood there in my flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirt, while on the other side of the round table several people dressed in royal robes sat on a platform on impressive chairs.

“That is obvious,” said an imposing man, with a three-pointed crown on his head. He hung lazily off his throne. In the palm of his hand, he spun a globe on its axis in a smooth, repetitive motion. A woman sat to his left. A queen. She was so beautiful and stately that she seemed to be part of another world altogether. And this world? What kind of world was this, actually? It was as if I had entered a living chess game. Around the two central figures were a few dignitaries if you could call them that. The other seats at the large table were empty…