The End of Paradise

The End Of Paradise is an unforgettable, magical novel from Carl Borgen, based within and inspired by the ancient lore of the Bock Saga, as shared with the world by Finnish mystic Ior Bock.

The End of Paradise, by author Carl Borgen
A magical work of fiction from the author of Temporarily Insane

The End of Paradise

It is the end of Paradise Time, as described in the Bock Saga. The Earth’s axis has shifted, setting in motion a severe climate change that cannot be halted. The ice age is beginning and Odenma, the mighty ring land of the first human civilisation, will be buried as glaciers advance.

As the Arctic sun begins to set on their people, the Aser, it is up to a small group of heroes to find their own way through this new world and help the ruling family of gods survive. Mythological creatures exist around them but no laws of nature are broken. Dragons are people who ‘drag-on’; elves are the eleven older brothers of the chief god, Ukko, the Allfather; and the three Fates are actually just three friendly, accessible ladies. Turns out that even the gods are human.

The End of Paradise will be published in 2022

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