Boom Bolenath Jimmy!

On the 16th of May we celebrated Jimmy Chessnar’s birthday. At the same time, we mourned because he is not here with us anymore. Jimmy was one of the earliest of Ior Bock’s listeners and he was one of the key people in spreading the word of the Bock Saga. In addition and during that time he spend decades trying to open the Lemminkäinen temple.

His last name “Chessnar” is one of these strange coincidences of which our lives are so full of but are hard to clarify. As you all know by now, Ior’s Bock Saga is mostly about the structure of society and in particularly the pantheon of the Gods, the good people. In their court is a king and queen and others, just as it is represented in the chess game. The Bock Saga speaks of the Nar, the brother of the Rabi, who was an Allfather in any of the lands of that time. The English word for Nar is Jester. Curiously the jester/Nar is NOT in the game of chessgame. Jimmy was in the global game of presenting the Bock Saga with the aim to cause another paradise time. What is in a name?

When he was young all the girls were in love with him. He was such a sunny boy. His frustration that the Temple could not be opened changed him. It made him grumpy at times. It was hard to see that nearby Helsinki got a total new underground system with many kilometres of tunnels, and the much more important Lemminkäinen temple was not excavated! The granite eating machines were even from companies that were closely related to Ior Bock’s.

Sometimes Jimmy thought his life was a failure because of it. But in the end, he was happy with what he had done with his life. He made a series of videos with Sacha, explaining the Saga in detail, but always easy to understand. You can check it our here.

I loved his free style of Root language associations of sounds and meanings. To some of the Bock Saga purists they were not correct enough, but even they had to laugh when Jimmy proclaimed that the positive sound and meaning of “Mama” was the opposite of “Wawa”, the sound of a whining child.

His art is the most psychedelic anyone has ever seen. It is probably a reflection of Jimmy’s beautiful brain.

In the book ‘Temporarily Insane’ he stood model for the character of Mr. Yeah.

I hope that there is life after death and that in some form I will meet Jimmy again. We love you!