Since Ior Bock revealed the Bock Saga to the world, more than one million people have come to believe in the Saga. They are generally referred to as ‘Bockists’.

But there is another, much more rarefied class of Bockists who can be considered the

Scribes and scholars of the Bock Saga. They have listened for hours, days and years to the teachings of Ior Bock. Their live is in the mathematical structure of the Bock Saga that is based on the meanings of the sounds in the alphabets of the first and second language that people spoke in prehistoric times.

Ior Bock gave them the key to understanding this sound system. To work it all out takes many lifetimes. Like mathematics, you can study and find ever new meanings and truths within about our universe. It is said that the whole plan for mankind was coded in these languages. And since we are already a long way into this plan, you can find that also our history is encoded. Both the mathematical structure and the history of mankind are the main subjects of study for the Bockist scribes.

The Bockists are not organised in a centralised way, like many religions are. They are not even organised in a decentralised way, like science tends to be. Many of them do their studies in hermitic seclusion, each living a simple life hidden in the Scandinavian forests. But they do have occasional contact with each other where they share their results and insights in the mystic truths of the Bock Saga.

If you picture them as eccentric, long-bearded guys, you are mostly right. The guys I know in this group are mostly friendly and accessible by nature. But if you go into conversation with any of them, you are quickly lost in the deep theoretical twists and turns of the Bock Saga.

Each of them tends to have a specific focus of his studies. One of them for instance, is specialised in the histories of the numerous royal families in Europe. Their entanglements are a fascinating story that goes back until the end of the ice age. There are studies into the different emperor families in the wider world. Patterns are exposed in the reigns of czars, shas, and ce-czars.

Another Bockist studies the delicate structure of the prehistoric offering system that kept the Wheel of Life spinning. The languages and their meanings themselves are the focus of study for some scribes. And because the language is a plan for our plan-et, the future might be encoded as well in our alphabet…

The Bockists form the backbone of the Bock Saga movement. They are the theoretical army that supports the Temple Twelve in their efforts to excavate the Lemminkäinen Temple and spread the word of the Bock saga.