Everything You Need to Know About the Lemminkäinen Hoard

Last year, the Temple Twelve’s ongoing search for the fabled Lemminkäinen Hoard made international headlines.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the treasure could be worth £15billion, if, indeed, a price could ever be put to such priceless relics.

But what, exactly, is the Lemminkäinen Hoard? To help make things clearer, I have selected a few passages from the Bock Saga, as revealed by Ior Bock and as detailed in my book, Temporarily Insane.

“The Bock family’s treasure chambers are a conically shaped underground cavity which was created by centrifugal forces around the North Pole during the formation of the planet.

During each Lemminkäinen’s lifetime, a sal, or salon and two rooms were sculpted in the wall of this cavity. The treasures that had been sent from all over the world to Raseborg in appreciation to the boreal gods, were collected and brought to the sal when the next Lemminkäinen started his working life. In front of the entrance of his rooms, a life-sized golden statue of him as Lemminkäinen at the age of twenty-seven, was erected. His treasure rooms within the storehouse were then closed. The retired Lemminkäinen now became Ukko, the grandfather.

“The storehouse was the Undervärlden, Manalla (‘underworld’, or ‘wonderworld’). Countless generations created room after room, spiralling downwards following the conical shape of the cavity. The heathen people eventually reached rock bottom and then continued horizontally for some generations until it was impossible for them to create more additional chambers. This signalled the end of Paradise time with the First Ragnarök taking place, followed by the Ice Age. The perpetual motion of the Wheel of Life came to a grinding halt and life on earth changed dramatically.

“There has been much speculation on the actual size of the storehouse. One theory goes as follows: if every Lemminkäinen of every generation had a room, and if, according to Ior Bock, there were more generations than people in modern-day Finland (circa 1987 AD) – which was about five million – there must be more than five million rooms in the storehouse. If each room is an average of two metres wide, there would be a path of 10,000,000 metres, or 10,000 kilometres on the inside of the conical cavity. The path with all the rooms would spiral down and even though each consecutive spiral would be larger and hold more rooms than the one above, there would still be a massive number of spiral turns indeed.

“When Casper explained what we would find in the Bock family storehouse and how big it was, my mind was completely blown. I thought I had come here just for a party and to dig up a piece of wood that was somehow important for Ior’s family. I now realised that Ior had given us just a sliver of the information that he had all along. The piece of wood was a door. The door was covered with gold leading to a temple of which the walls were covered with gold. Behind the temple was the way to the largest cave of the planet. Many legends and mythologies around the world spoke vaguely about such a place. But Ior was very specific. The entrance was just behind his house. I contained the accumulated treasures of all what mankind had produced in the very long period that was called Paradiset.

“We were standing right on top of it. It was such a hard-to-believe outlandish concept, yet at the same time, it all sounded so logical. I believed every word. I didn’t only believe it, I knew it. It was too logical not to be true. So much more logical and harmonious than the official stories from churches and scientists that we’d listened to all our lives. And I knew that we could soon prove it! We were going to open the door to this temple, and from there, we would go through the corridor and see the greatest treasure that mankind had ever made. I was overwhelmed by the enormous magnitude of this information. The most exhilarating and awe-inspiring part was that I would play a role in events that were much larger than myself and of a truly global scale. The entrance had been closed for a thousand years, and within a few days, some Goa freaks would open it again.”

The Temple Twelve have now been searching for the Lemminkäinen Hoard for upwards of three decades but there is every expectation that when excavations recommence this spring that the breakthrough we have all been patiently waiting for will finally be made. Watch this space!