discovery of staircase

Breaking News! Staircase found in the Lemminkainen Temple!

The discovery of a staircase presumably leading down into the Lemminkainen Temple is the cause of great excitement recently. The summer digging season was just about to finish and the diggers were preparing the cave like structure for the harsh Finnish winter when a staircase shape caught the eye. Since the late 1980’s the direction of digging was directed by following the ceiling down into the earth. The diggers had actually no idea how high the entrance to the temple was since they did not know the exact distance between the ceiling and the floor. Now that the stair have been found that mystery seems to be solved.

Instead of packing the equipment until the spring will come again next year, the diggers continue their work as many hours a day and into the night as possible. But soon they have to stop when the icy winds come falling from the north pole.

Will they find the fabeled Golden Doors of the Lemminkainen Temple soon, or next spring, or is this again one of those misleading discoveries that gives not much else than hope and energy to continue digging another year?