Ior Bock in the Temple

A Beautiful Logic

After my dire warnings last week, I will now tell you a bit more about the Bock Saga itself. It is the story of Ior Bock’s family and starts with the birth of the first two people on the planet, and how they lived. Then the Saga describes how the human race lived in the prehistory, or as it is called by others, ‘the Paradise Time’. The Bock Saga goes into encyclopaedic detail about how people lived and how they procreated. 

The Bock Saga takes a slightly distanced point of view towards the people who started to populate our planet. Apart from these first two humans, called ‘Frei’ and ‘Freija’, no individual events, hopes, feelings and adventures are mentioned. Instead, the Saga describes in detail the social structure of the times with an iron logic. Besides, this did not prevent our ancestors being happy and free as one would expect in paradise. 

Ior Bock told us that life in the early days of mankind was highly ritualistic. Each ritual had a practical and specific function. No, it was not a religious society. There was no fear of the gods or the forces of nature. Nature was their friend and the laws of nature were their own laws. 

In modern science the laws of nature are seen as embedded within mathematics, using numbers to describe what is going on in the universe. In the Bock Saga it is the language itself that contains this information. The first language of mankind is called ‘Root’. It has 26 sounds that each have a meaning. These sounds form a mathematic structure similar to that of the numbers of modern mathematics. 

One of the main formulas is the alphabet itself. ABC … and so on tells a story of how to use a system of procreation to make a strong, healthy and beautiful human race. And it tells how this system is in harmony with the structure of the universe itself. 

In future blogs I will go deeper into this. For now, it is sufficient to say that the logic of the Bock Saga is consistent with itself and is as beautiful as the universe itself. Also, it goes against everything you have ever thought or learned before. But once you see the logic it is hard to ignore it anymore. 

One person living in our time who studied the mathematical side of the Bock Saga to some degree was Cliff Barber. He made beautiful mathematical drawings, that show the inner structure of the alphabet. I once wrote a book about his work, that is regrettably out of stock. You can see some of his work here:

Cliff belonged to the original Temple Twelve, but his quest was more of an intellectual one compared to the others. Next week I will introduce them to you and explain what their quest in life was, and is.